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Who We Are

Maddie Levy

Founder & CEO


Hi Friends! 

I’m Maddie Levy, Myles's mama! I found out I was pregnant very early on, six weeks to be exact. My nerves and excitement about being a mother were quickly overshadowed when I got a phone call from my midwife. “Your blood test results came back high for trisomy 21.” This was the beginning of a very stressful, scary pregnancy, as mostly everything I heard was negative. The unknown seriously overwhelmed me.


Thankfully I was able to lean on my family for support. We jumped into researching and discovered a whole plethora of knowledge. I met families that would guide me through my pregnancy, met other moms, and other advocates. I started to feel empowered once I became immersed in the community. I want other moms to feel the same way much sooner than I did, that way expecting parents can enjoy their pregnancy. 


That is how Myles Message was born. It doesn't have to be scary, Myles Message is here to guide you with accurate resources. We even have experienced parents you can reach out to at any time. I had trouble finding moms close to my age, with a child with down syndrome in my area. I found a mom on an international facebook group and discovered she lived ten minutes away! Her son was two weeks older than Myles and also had Down syndrome, how crazy! But I wish I hadn't had to go to the international Facebook group to find her.


My vision is to create a community. We will have Myles' Message in local doctors offices so moms and parents can connect and find these support systems! 

Our Team


Director of Operations

Lisa is an alumna of Villanova University and is entering her 4th decade as an RN in the healthcare field.  She has been married to Walter, her high school sweetheart, for 28 years.  One of her proudest accomplishments is being mom to her 3 beautiful daughters: Carley, Madelynn, & Lauryn and Nonna to Myles George. She is passionate about spreading Down syndrome awareness and is honored to help oversee the organizational needs of Myles Message.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 10.28.09


Director of Administration


Walter works in the security field and has been married to his beautiful wife for almost 3 decades now.  He is the proud papa of 3 amazing girls and one extra special grandson, Myles.  He's always loved helping others and will strive for a more inclusive world serving on the board for Myles Message.


Social Media Manager

Carley currently resides in Jacksonville! She graduated in 2018 with her BFA in Musical Theatre from Jacksonville University. She works as an actor and a teacher, specializing in voice lessons and beginner piano. She is honored to serve on the board for Myles Message. She is a proud advocate for her nephew, Myles and looks forward to the way Myles Message will bring people together. 

Carley_Levy_Headshot .jpg


Fundraiser and Event Manager


Lauryn is attending her third year of college at one of the top five hospitality schools worldwide, Rosen College of Hospitality Managment. Lauryn currently holds a part time job in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Her favorite things include being a mom to her new fur baby and a favorite auntie to Myles. She is eager to start her career in the hospitality industry as an event manager for Myles Message where she will create fundraising events and local meet and greets for our nonprofit that she holds close to her heart. Through the events she strives to spread the message of Down syndrome awareness and inclusivity for all. 



Marilyn was employed by GlaxoSmithKline, a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company for over 20 years as a Team Administrator,  Corporate Conferencing, Biostatistics & Data Management, Research & Development. She was married to the love of her life, Nino for over 47 years. Now retired, Marilyn enjoys teaching tap dancing to adults, creating her one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, and is active in Cafe of Life. She is passionate about Myles Message and looks forward to bringing education and awareness to the general community.





Gerald is a financial advisor representative in Jacksonville, Florida. He has been working professionally in the financial industry for three years. His role at Myles' Message involves managing financial operations and partnering with his fellow directors to achieve goals and continue the mission of the organization.

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